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 GunZ: The Duel Cheats
typing in color and new game mode for new people
SecretsTyping in Color -Gunz The Duel

Bring up the chat bar, and type ^(insert number). Then type your message. The
color varies on the number you imput.

Unlockable Game Modes(Gunz The Duel)

Berserker Level 21+, play in Expert Channel

From killah4eva Jul 9, 2008 02:31
Portal Glitch

This is used to make a portal between a room and a channel. Ex. Champions 1 --> Clan Channel/Private Channel. What this could do: If you make a room in champions channel (50+), and lets say you make a stairway map and put a password on it. You could link that room into your clan channel so other lower clannies could join on this high-level map!

1. Go to Champions 1 / Elite 2 Channel.                                                                                2. Make a room with a password!                                                                                         3. In the room, make it ’Training’ and Stairway / Lost Shire map.                                        4. Make someone join the ’new’ room and make someone go to clan channel.                    5. Go to lobby and high-light the new room that you have just made.                                 6. Now the hard part, wile the room is high-lighted click on channels, and select ur CC.    7. Now press  ’ O ’   (NOT ZERO!), and directly double click the high-lighted room again.    8. Now you should enter the room’s password and you should get into the room.             9. Make the other guy in the room leave and make him go to Clan Channel.                     10. Their u make him right-click you in lobby and make him join room though you.

Now every1 can join the room through you and have to enter the password. This could be done with every map, but i’d say you use Stairway / Lost Shire cause these maps are level 35+ and so it’s not always possible for everyone to play...

Note: Must be level 35, must need 2 others to help you make this portal!                     

Note: This aint a hack, this is just a silly glitch!                Have Fun!   (’’(^.^)/’’)

From stefanson May 6, 2008 21:21
GunZ: The Duel
Computer Game

  • Release:
    US: February 1, 1999
    UK: February 1, 1999
    JP: February 1, 1999
  • Publisher:
    LevelUp Games
  • Developer:

ESRB - Teen: Titles rated T (Teen) have content that may be suitable for ages 13 and older. Titles in this category may contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling, and/or infrequent use of strong language.

The Official testing began before the Closed BETA on Feb the First in 1999.
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Our members have ranked GunZ: The Duel 52 out of 7,709 total games.

51. Burnout Dominator
Sony Playstation Portable

52. GunZ: The Duel
Computer Game

53. Combat Arms
Computer Game
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GunZ: The Duel
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