DotA AllStArS v6.64 AI 0213 - LVL 50

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Old 12-28-2009, 02:32 PM
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DotA AllStArS v6.64 AI 0213 - LVL 50

DotA AllStArS v6.64 AI 0213 - LVL 50

Muchos hijos de mil put@s me dice, SlipksTanK, cuando juego Dota me aburro de estar como un invecil en LvL 25, kiero subir mas, y PTM, me tienen las bolas llenas. asi q me viole el 6.64 AI 0.213 y lo deje en bola, asi q Aqui les va el DotA AllStArS v6.64 AI 0.213 - LVL 50

Dentro del Archivo RAR, se encuentra un archivo llamado Comands.txt dentro del cual estan los codigos, tanto como para activar los Cheats, como para jugar.

Para Bajar de MEDIAFIRE, solo tienen que hacer click en la imagen, luego les lleva a una web, y otra vez click en "Click Here to Start Download"

*Este mapa Ai trabaja con el Parche 1.24b ( o superiores de Warcraft 3.
Idioma: Ingles (English).
Archivo: DotA Allstars v6.64 AI 0.213 - LVL 50.w3x

¿SlipksTanK, como mierd@ juego con este mapa, explicame?

Descargue el archivo “DotA Allstars v6.64 AI 0.213 - LVL 50.w3x” y cópielo en la carpeta llamada “Maps” del juego Warcraft III. La carpeta Warcraft III se encuentra por defecto en: C:\Archivos de programa\Warcraft III.

La ruta del mapa debe quedar de la siguiente manera:

C:\Archivos de programa\Warcraft III\Maps\DotA Allstars v6.64 AI 0.213 - LVL 50.w3x


Codigos MAPA:

Para Activar: "-chacchi " two spaces.

-gold # (# = value you want)
-lumber #
-int #
-agi #
-str #
-lvl #
-xp #
-hp #
-mp #
-ms #
-debuff (Removes buff from selected unit)
-lock (locks the trade system)
-unlock (Unlocks it)
-charges# ### (First # slot 2nd charges)
-additem # (max is about 90, Random types of items would be spawned)
-invul (Reders your selected unit permanent invulnerable until you disable it)
-vul (Disable invul)
-kill (kills the targeted unit/structure)
-mana (Mana stays at 100%)
-invis (makes unit invisible)
-vis (visible)
-pathoff (walkthrough walls)
-pathon (normal)
-setcolor (red/blue/teal/purple/yellow/orange/green/pink/gray/lb/dg/brown)
-owner (red/blue/teal/purple/yellow/orange/green/pink/gray/lb/dg/brown)
-nocd (no cooldown)
-cdon (cooldown on)
-mh (Dispalys map, no server splits, hopefully)
-setname (changes your game nick)
-size # (Changes your selected unit's size)
-food # (Changes the food limit even you didn't build structure that provides food)
-heal (heals targeted unit)
-fast (Hit esc when training units)
-bfast (Hit esc on building structure)
-ufast (Research is instant)(To disable one of these commands add -no to it like -noufast)
-ally ## (bugged, currently only able to ally/unally red)
-unally ##
-spawn #### (Type -unitid for units, -itemid for item's rawcode. Then type -spawn to spawn the things you want)
-dead (Sets units animation to dead)
-birth (Sets building to being built)
-attack (Sets unit to attack)
-stand (Sets unit to stand)
-hear (You can see what everyone is saying, aka Chat Hack)
-nohear (back to normal)
-noreplay (Disables replay saving, even "LastReplay" is not saved)
-kick ##
-tele (sets patrol to teleport)
-note (sets it back to normal)
-reg (Right-click two spots and a region will be made)
-time ## (Sets time to that hour)
-float ### ### (first #'s is height 2nd are speed)
-stop (Disable unit commands)
-resume (Enables them)
-unit #### (Spawns specified unit at issued location)
-nounit (Disables -unit)
-act (Changes activator to whatever specifed, needs a - at the beginning)
-unitid (Shows the unit's rawcode)
-itemid (Shows the unit's item rawcode in first slot)
-destid (Shows rawcode of destructable in Reg)
-revive (Revives dead hero and spawns at selected unit)
-addhp (Adds hp to any unit, needs to be divisable by 50)
-colors (Displays player numbers by color)
-say###### (# = hex code only 0-9 and A-F will work)(After the hex just put the text you want displayed)
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