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    Thread: How to talk to girls and get their number for gamers by gamers

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      How to talk to girls and get their number for gamers by gamers

      You know when youíre out, taking a ďbreakĒ from your intense gaming session, having a nice chilling time with your buddies, and you see some attractive women.

      You want to talk to them, but you have no idea how to start? Today, I will share some tips with you guys that you can use immediately.

      A few mindsets you need to change about yourself and attractive women

      So, if you havenít approached women, and hardly approach women, you are going to feel nervous and sweat like crazy. Thatís known as approach anxiety. But thatís also a good thing, thatís your heart and brain telling you that sheís that one you find attractive, and you want to get to know her and date her.

      I donít know what games you play, but I play WOW. So I will refer to that. Say youíre in a raid and you want to kill the boss, you donít tell yourself you canít do it right?

      Especially if youíre the leader, you will motivate the raiding team, and cheer them up, and say ďOkay guys, one last time, and we definitely can kill this stupid boss, and get some good shitĒ.

      So when it comes to women, itís the same. You canít say things to yourself like:

      I canít tell to her, sheís too hot for me.
      She doesnít want me to talk to her.
      Sheís probably attached, why bother?
      Iím a weak shit gamer, no girls will like me.

      Those above are negative mindsets and they wonít help you. Instead you should think in this manner:

      Wow, sheís hot. It would be nice if sheís my girl. Lets go chat with her.
      Iím a cool dude. She will want to talk to me.
      If sheís attached, then I will just go back to my friends and chill. IF sheís single, then awesome.
      I want to talk to her, she seems nice.

      If you think negative, chances are you wonít approach, because you talk yourself out of approaching the women. If you think positive, then you increase the chance of approaching the women, hence increase your chance of getting a date.

      Here are some unknown secrets that most guys donít know:

      1) Women want AND like to be approached. Men want women, and women want men. But women canít be the one approaching right? She will be seem as desperate. Women are the most passive ones, while men are the more proactive ones. So, actually itís the menís job to approach. If you want to date or a girlfriend, you have to approach Ė thatís the first step.

      2) You will ďfailĒ and thatís okay, you only need to get it right one time. Ask yourself this question: how many times you failed in killing a difficult boss OR complete quest before you actually did it?

      For talking to women, itís the same. Some will reject you right away, some will be open to talking to you, and some will be interested. Of course, the better you are in approaching and talking to women, the higher your success rate. Just like the better skills and battle gear you have, the higher chance of you killing the boss, and completing the quest.

      So when you see a woman you find attractive, just go over and say hi.

      Okay, saying ďhiĒ sounds too simple to you guys, and you probably think itís impossible. The truth is, it is. But to make it even easier for you guys, I will give you a simple line that I use all the time.

      ďHi I saw you from there, and I thought you look XXX (eg attractive, cute, hot, beautiful, gorgeous etc), and just want to come over and say hi. My name is XYZĒ

      Thatís it. A simple direct line, which I used on 1000s of girls, and of course, had gotten many numbers.

      I never got slapped. No girl called police to report me. No girls shouted molest. Nothing happened. The worst reaction I got from the girls and only a few times were ďsorry, not interestedĒ.

      And thatís it for the approaching part. Next step is to talk to her, and get to know her. Dating and relationship is about getting to know another person, and see if you are suitable for each other. For the next 5 to 10 minutes, just have a causal chat with her.

      Of course, the question you might ask is, what do I talk about?

      The answer: ANYTHING! The truth is you can talk about anything.

      And Iím going to reveal another secret to you: womenís favourite topic. Know what that is?

      Itís HERSELF.

      Now, everyoneís favourite topic is herself or himself. If someone talks to you about you and the games you play, you probably can go on and on for hours.

      So when youíre talking to the girl, ask her questions about herself. Here are some great reasons to let her talk about herself.

      1) When sheís the one talking, you wonít have to talk, and you can just listen. If youíre the shy type, then listening is probably easier than trying to figure out what to say, yes?

      2) When sheís talking about herself, you get to know her, and you know if you want to date her or not. Maybe after a while of chatting with her, you find that sheís kind of crazy, you wouldnít want to ask her out anyway right?

      3) If she talks about herself, at the end of the conversation, sheís probably find you a very interesting person, even though you didnít say much during the conversation.

      So, one strategy you can use is what we all learned during our English classes Ė 5W1H Ė Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How.

      Some simple questions you can ask:
      What do you like to do for fun?
      What do you do for a living?
      Where are you from?
      How do you find this club/bar/place?
      Do you frequent this place?
      Who are you with?

      Of course, these are really simple questions, but you should take some time, and expand these questions that you can ask. The most important thing is that youíre talking to her to get to know her. So ask her things that you want to know about her.

      Really, you can talk about anything under the sun. But, for starting, donít tell the girl youíre a gamer. Itís NOT the first thing women look for in a man. You can share with her that some other time.

      After talking for a while, if you think she isnít a crazy person, and maybe a girl that you can convert to a gamer girl, get her number.

      Hereís the line you can use:

      ďHey, itís been fun talking to you, I want to get back to my friends. But I do want to see you again. Give me your number, and we will grab coffee someday.Ē

      Then take out your phone, go to the number pad, and pass it to her. Smile and shut up. ☺

      Thatís it.

      If youíre a normal guy with above average conversation skills, then chances are she would give you the number. Take her number, bid goodbye and join your friends.

      If she doesnít give, there are a few reasons:

      You didnít manage to attract her Ė thatís okay.
      Sheís attached Ė thatís okay too.
      Youíre weird Ė thatís okay too, lol. Itís possible to change

      Rinse and repeat, talk to the next hot girl. Itís really just like gaming. You failed a couple of times at the same boss, but do you stop? You continue playing, and you figure how to better kill the boss. In dating case, you improve yourself as a man, and become a more attractive man to women.

      If you got her number, then great. Wait a two or three days, and give her a call, and continue the conversation you two dropped off..

      Thatís it for this post, if you guys like, I post more.

      Please comment, and feedback. Thank you.
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      Many guys don't approach girls and thinking the girls will approach them, which doesn't work that way.
      Great topic though.

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