I have to make it clear that just to prevent many unneccesary threads from happening and making this section huge mess i will post FAQ's On GunBound aswell as rules.I don't want to repeat the same old thing AGAIN and AGAIN.

This All about GunBound General Discussion

ok let me explain some of the rules First

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rules When Posting~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

If you see ANYONE breaking any rule you should NOT flame at him back and dont need to complain about him.you catch someone breaking the rules just click on this button:
The moderators will see it and they will clean the message up.

Posting Useless stuff is considered spam also.You also should not go off topic for eg.'YOU ARE GAY'.We also do not allow racisim or discrimination of any form at all.Those found being racist will receive a warning/infraction.

Posting of Threads
Posting the same topic in more than one forum is not allowed.
This is considered spamming, and can result in warnings(Double Threads).
Try not to bring old threads which is 2 weeks unless you are posting something useful.

Account Selling
This will not be tolerated at all.Buying/trading/selling/sharing accounts in any form is not allowed.The only place you can sell you account is at GzNShop

Private Hacks
Strictly talking about private Aimbots/hacks are NOT allowed discuss.

Private Server
No advertising of private server here.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FAQ's On GunBound~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

How to use GBNA and GIS at the same time?

How to Play GIS when i live in USA/CA
Hide IP - Hide your IP address and protect your privacy - Hide-IP-Soft.com (Recommended)

I want to take video of GunBound what programme shall i use?
Fraps (Recommended)

About GznBot

After you buy the GzNBot you should have the access to new section about GzNBot by clicking here .If you wants to discuss about GzNBot or if you have any problems you can just post by clicking here Or you can just pm RainMart or HornStar6969 So i don't want to see anyone posting that they need help about GzNBot

Are there any UCE?/Hacks?

If there is you should make an effort to look at the Download section.

These are the most common threads appearing and I conclude that after reading this thread,this section will become cleaner.I also will be updating the FAQ often.