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      Senior Member
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      Dec 2006
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      I know this isnt a troubleshooting place but i just dont know who else to ask.

      I keep getting this error when trying to play the game. Right after i enter my username and password and then hit the play button. Sometimes i can connect and sometimes i cant. Well, most of the time i cant connect. It makes me just want to keep trying untill i do connect.

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      Senior Member
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      Mar 2009
      Mars (火星)
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      Try re-connect to your internet if you're using wireless. Also, if that doesn't work. Try that AND reinstalling Rakion.

    3. #3
      Senior Member
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      Dec 2006
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      reinstalling might or might not solve my problem but checking the connections might. A better aproach would be if somone told me the server adress that the softnyx launcher connects to after logging in.

      I want to see if i can manually ping it using command prompt. but anyway, im reinstalling...



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