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You don't have what to do but you do not want to pressure your brain! You desperately need a little time for rest and you own a computer.

Posted by Albee on Dec 11, 2011 05:59 (Dec 11, 2011 05:59)

 This is enough to make your first step to entertainment. It is within reach and the most important thing is that you don't have to live the house. Make the room in front of computer and choose something from offered content. A good game is prescribed for good relaxation and relieving mind. After a hard day at work, the right thing is hidden object game. This kind of game isn't too hard and anyone can win in it, you just need to carefully follow the instructions. The games are all different, depending on what goal should be achieved, but you shall enjoy whatever you choose. If you have doubts, here is a small suggestion.
The Gardener is an addictive hidden object game, especially if you're the type who likes to arrange the yard. Gardening requires a lot of love and attention and for good look of a yard is needed a lot of dedication. So, our gardener from the same name game is a bit confused and unable to find all tools needed for his work. Because of it, he wants your help to achieve the desired effect. The requested object is put everywhere in the picture and you always have to find 5 pieces of each. What do you seek is on the bottom of the image and every proper click will bring you 250 points. Search well because hidden items are almost the same color as background but if so, I hope you will not take much time for finding objects in each group. However you should pay attention on time, because it's limited. Keep an eye on the wrong clicks too; they will take away 50 points from your score. For best results you need good concentration and expert eye.
I hope that will not be a problem to find all that your gardener seeks because the task is not complicated and also easy to do. And by the way, you will learn how to perform the gardener's work. This game will show you what kind of tools you need to supply for your garden. Certainly you will need boots, trash cans and digger for plant a flowers. It's always nice when you learn something new from just about anything. Good luck!
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